Figueroa Senior Housing

  • LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
  • UNITS: 35
  • DEVELOPER: Meta Housing Corporation

This 35-unit senior housing development is located on a major boulevard in South Los Angeles and is in close proximity to public transportation.  The project includes a ground level lobby/lounge, laundry facilities, and offices accessible from the street or from the covered parking on the 1st level.  A community room on the second floor is for use by residents as a flexible multi-use space and is provided with a kitchen.  The community room opens directly onto a landscaped courtyard, which is open to the sky.  The courtyard will be provided with a BBQ area and will be a space used for gathering and relaxing.

The project is located in an area of South Los Angeles that is in desperate need of more quality affordable senior housing. The project design incorporates contemporary features and amenities that are typical for the newest and most modern market-rate apartment projects found in other parts of the city.  Located on a once dilapidated corner of 77th street and Figueroa, this project will serve as a beacon for the possibility of change in this area.  It will also assure the nearby residents that the city and the developer are committed to the renewal and revitalization of the community.